The first two days of Scratch were excellent. We are off to a good start. While a few students had little or no experience using Scratch before, many of them had a working knowledge of the program while several had an overwhelmingly advanced grasp of the ins and outs of Scratch.

Landon R. created push button sprites used to display the various lessons he completed. Steve V. composed some sweet rock music using the Scratch keyboard. Clay G. used the keyboard to find the individual notes to Fur Elise, which played as his Cat glided across the screen. Jill K. drew (yes, DREW with a mouse) an impressive gothic bat to use as a sprite. Marcus transformed the Scratch Cat into a superhero, complete with red cape, that shot laser death rays from its eyes as it glided up into the sky!

Mrs. Cross and I sat watching in amazement at their creativity, and we are SUPER excited to see what all of the students will create when they begin making their database games.

Some examples of their work can be seen on the Student Work page

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