Scratch It!

Picture 3

Rye and Rylee’s

Mrs. Cross and I decided to change up the assignment for Day 1 Block 4 English 10. Rather than creating a games of questions and answers relating to the databases, they will be creating a Database Tour in Scratch.

Each pair has been assigned a specific database, which they researched on Monday. Today they took screen shots of various parts of the databases, imported them as sprites or stages into Scratch, and added “dialogue,” explaining the various parts of the databases.

I have been exceptionally impressed with two things with this class–their ability to problem solve and their willingness to share and help their peers. This is definitely a class of hands-on learners, and I am very glad that Mrs. Cross and I recognized this and changed the activity. I am watching students right now who are completely engaged and working hard to be successful.

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Josh and Holland

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Romeka and Maricela