Student Sonnets

One of the assignments last week was to write a sonnet following the form and content of the Shakespearean sonnet. Most of the students did a good job on the assignment and admitted that it was a difficult task putting together the pieces of the “puzzle.” I chose four student sonnets that I felt were exceptional.

Scared in a corner lonely by my side
Nothing to look forward to only my health
Fearful to face my thoughts I want to hide
Voices telling me, You are by yourself.”

I’m wondering if I can get out of here
I keep on thinking it will keep on going
It’s a long never ending road of fear
Roads turn in to rivers fast and flowing

I hear people telling me,”It’s fine”
They have no idea what I have been through
I’m wondering if there is a different kind
Others tell me, “People can start out new.”

I’d like to know so I can achieve flight
Tired of living this way at night.
(Jared B. – Day 1 Block 4)

“Death, the Soul Taken”
He walks with grace, style, and a darkness deep
Death is the inevitable taker
Of souls in this life, with his scythe he reaps
He’ll compose our ends, dark music maker.

His eyes, two holes of despair and great grief
His hands putrid flesh, rotting, decaying
His soul, bruised and blackened, this merciless thief
His cloak dark and torn, in the wind, swaying.

Yet his eyes have seen heaven, peace and love
His hands have touched kings, touched the purest souls
His soul kind and gentle–a white, pure dove
His cloak, so warm, wraps around hearts turned cold.

Death is an odd, omnipresent master
Some dread his sight, some wish he’d come faster.
(Noelle W. – Day 2 Block 1)

The snowy falling of the clouds was cold
The life he knew couldn’t be this way
The whole world was dim, they couldn’t see the fold
Things were cold and he knew he couldn’t stay

Children in jackets all dressed up to play
Never knowing what tomorrow may bring
The world will never last another day
Waiting for the end, all the children sing.

Darkness falls on this blissful, happy town
Its people screaming dreadful cries of woe
The bringer of sorrow comes with this crown
In his wake the pained screams of corpses grow.

The wounds of the scarred, they may never mend
Just one more dead spirit of this, the End.
(Jennifer S. – Day 2 Block 4)

If love on heav’nly wings doth wait for me
Let not it come too soon for I’m still young
I’ve heard that true love waits and if that be
It will still be here when this day is done

I do not mean to say I want not love
I simply do not wish it mine today
Love appears to be an elusive dove
It sits and waits until it flies away

At this young age I must be too naive
To comprehend what love doth truly mean
And even now it is hard to believe
I cannot say where in my life love’s been.

Although I desire not love right now
I’m sure its yearning will find me somehow.
(Ashby N. – Day 2 Block 4)