Lesson for English 10 – Wednesday

Beginning Research for Biography

  • 1. Choose celebrity/famous person for Part 4 of research project
  • 2. Create a document in Google Docs titled Your Name Bio-Cube Info
  • 3. Find the following information about your person and add it to the document
    • a. Name
    • b. Time period (century)
    • c. Place (country)
    • d. Birthplace
    • e. Personality
    • f. Education
    • g. Occupation
    • h. Spouse(s)
    • i. Obstacles in person’s life
    • j. Significant events (What makes him/her famous?)
    • k. Quotation (about or by)
  • 4. Go to Bio-Cube and use the information you collected to create a Bio-Cube for your person.
  • 5. When completed, click Print, then OK, then Preview.
  • 6. Save from Preview as a PDF and upload to Google Docs.
  • 7. Share with me
    • ekuhns@goochlandschools.org