Fakebook Project

Today you will create a “Fakebook” profile for one of the characters from your recent library book.  I have included the link for the template you will use.  Once you click the link, the file will download to your download folder.  It is a PowerPoint (PPT) file.  You are REQUIRED to complete the first 2 slides of the profile.  The third and fourth slides–photos and videos–are OPTIONAL and will give you 10 points of extra credit on the project.

I will grade the project on creativity, originality, application to the novel, spelling, and neatness.  This will be a writing grade for MP 4 worth 20% of your grade.  The photos you use must be copyright-free.  (Check the LMC blog for links to free photo websites.)  You must replace all of the areas in the sample template with your own material.


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