AAA Member Snapshot

Hi, Liz.
It was great talking with you today about the Member Snapshot. Thanks so much for participating!
As promised, here’s a draft of the Snapshot (pasted below), slated for an upcoming issue (likely November/December) of the magazine. Please let me know if you’d like me to make any changes.
As I also mentioned, the freelance photographer will be contacting you (closer to publication) to coordinate a photo shoot at a time/location that’s convenient for you, whether that’s at your office, home or elsewhere. His name is Paul Emberger.
Thanks again for your interest in the magazine and the Snapshot. I’m looking forward to seeing your final piece printed in the magazine–as I’m sure you are, too!
Stacy Tillilie
contributing editor
AAA World

Member Snapshot
When Liz of Richmond, Virginia, was in college, her parents gave her and her three siblings a special Christmas present: AAA membership. That was 25 years ago, and ever since, Liz has valued that present and continues to renew her AAA membership every year for the peace of mind that it provides.
“I like feeling protected,“ says Liz. “All I have to do is call AAA for help to be there.”
Emergency roadside assistance–and specifically, vehicle lockout service–is the one AAA service that Liz values most. “I am famous for locking my keys in my car,” she says, recalling a time that she had done just that during a quick visit to the bank on a stormy day. “The police wouldn’t even come, but AAA was there in just a few minutes.”
Liz also travels often and uses the benefits of her AAA membership to help her get where she wants to go. That includes booking a cruise through AAA Travel, purchasing passport photos and foreign currency for trips to Europe, and reading AAA TourBook guides for an upcoming trip to Las Vegas.
“My parents bought all four of [their children] AAA membership because they wanted us to always have the protection of AAA,” says Liz. And a quarter-century later, the gift of that peace-of-mind protection still carries on.