New Job

I was on vacation in Las Vegas last week with my parents and friend when I received a phone call from my principal.  Of course, panic mode set in.  Why would the principal be calling me in the  middle of my vacation?  (Yes, she knew I was on vacation.)  Imagine my surprise when she asked if I would be interested in a new position with Goochland County Schools!

Let me backtrack a little.  In March at the beginning of the 4th quarter, I was asked to take on an additional class to cover the English teaching position at the Alternative Ed school in the county.  I was happy to travel the 1-2 miles into town to work with the credit recovery students.  While there, I piloted an online credit recovery program with the English students, which was an effective experiment.

Now, I thoroughly enjoyed teaching my PreAP English 10 students at the high school, but I found much more satisfaction working with the credit recovery students.  I felt like I was really doing something there, and when four of those boys walked across the stage at graduation and accepted their high school diplomas, I was just as proud as their mamas and papas!

With that in mind, I was happy to accept a new position as the director of Project Return/alternative education.  I have very few details at this point, but will be meeting with my principal on July 11 to start creating the program.