Textbooks Via Kindle for College Students

Amazon Textbooks– CLICK!

This is AMAZING! I talked about it today with a few seniors in summer school. We cannot find any reason NOT to do this. They don’t even need to own a Kindle! Kindle app can be downloaded on to an iPad, iPhone, iTouch, Android device, or laptop for free.  Even if they chose to buy one, the Kindles right now start at $114 (less than the cost of one textbook!). Of course not all their textbooks may be available, but they can rent (don’t need to buy) the Kindle edition of any that are.

Calculus Single Variable

  • Kindle Edition $77.20
  • Rent from $27.07
  • Hardcover $140.99
  • Paperback $136.01

To rent this textbook for 140 days, costs $46.00!

Just thought this would be a GREAT thing to pass on to this year’s seniors (or even alumni.)