Online Learning Is In!

I was led to the waters of online teaching at the end of April when I was chosen to pilot the e2020 program for my district.  At first I was resistant, thinking that I would lose the interaction I had with the students as well as the content.  How wrong I was!  If anything, the interaction with students increased with those who needed extra help.  It was truly a one-to-one experience because I could focus on exactly what the student needed extra help with.

Since I completed the pilot and had success with it, I was “encouraged” to teach summer school. 🙂  This time, I would be working with approximately 15-20 students in grades 9-12 completing credit recovery in English, World History, Algebra 1 and 2, and Geometry.  (Yes, the running joke is that I am “teaching” math! :D)  While I worry that the math students did not get the assistance they needed for their courses, the English and history students had a very high rate of success as they had the extra help they needed from me and my co-teacher, Patrick.

Online learning has proven to be successful for the students in GCPS.  Last year we graduated 5 young men enrolled in the credit recovery program with full high school diplomas, not GEDs.  This coming year, we will graduate 3 more young men in December upon their completion of e-courses in government, geometry, and English.  In under a year, we  will have “saved” 8 teenagers from dropping out of high school.

Benefits and Audiences of Online Learning in K-12 Environments