G21 Project

In 2009, Goochland County Schools engaged teachers by introducing student-centered projects focused around twenty-first century skills. Thus, the G21 Project was born. The two main focuses for this project are problem-solving and critical thinking.

Since the inception of the G21 idea, the county has supported the teachers with workshops, project ideas, and an end of the year “fair” when projects are judged. This year, the instructional technology team raised the bar for the projects by proposing 3 levels for the projects. All teachers are required to complete at least the School G21, which will revolve around a school-specific theme.

Last year, we had some pretty amazing projects at the high school including the winner from Mrs. Neilsen-Hall’s Art class –Student Podcasts– where students made children’s books. Another exceptional project last year was a cross-curricular one that included Government, Art and ESL students creating an American flag composed of tiles based on Supreme Court cases or Amendments.

The podcasts created by the students can be found at this link Live Free or Die….  Please check out these fantastic projects. More information about the project can be seen here GHS News Archives.

Since I am not in a regular classroom this year, I am not truly “required” to complete a G21 project, but I really enjoy working with the students on this type of lesson. I discussed the project this morning with my 3 alt ed students, and we have a tentative plan on the topic of economy. Stay tuned!