Week One

So far we are off to a smooth start here at Goochland Prep/Project Return. Nothing like a little earthquake to welcome in a new school year! Everything went okay yesterday. We had no damage in the building – just a few extra heart palpitations. The students were well-behaved and listened when we directed them out to the parking lot. Some of us were still shaking after the ground stopped shaking, but all is well.

Have to share this picture that went viral within hours of the quake yesterday afternoon.

virginia earthquake

A sarcastic take on the damage in Virginia

The tremor gave me the opportunity to deliver a mini-lecture on cell phone use during a disaster. I explained to the students that using their cell phones to text their friends or update their Facebook statuses added an unnecessary burden to the cell phone towers and that cell phone usage should be limited to emergency needs or contacting family to assure them of their safety. I reminded them that many people who had emergencies during a disaster may not be able to get through if the cell phone towers were overloaded. They nodded their agreement and admitted that they had no thought of that.

Students are working hard on their class assignments and e2020 lessons and have adjusted well to their new environment.  We will not get too settled yet though because in a few weeks we will be moving across the street into the Prep building once the heating/air conditioning repairs are finished.  Overall a good start to what I anticipate will be a rewarding year!