A Commitment to Be…..

Back in December, I decided to consolidate my credit card bills with a 5 year loan. I was able to reduce what I was paying out per month while eliminating the astronomical interest fees. I felt good about my decision and was committed to being debt-free in five years. I canceled all but one credit card, knowing I needed one for emergencies.

While I was saving money with the consolidation load through my credit union, I suddenly realized how dependent I had become on my credit card to buy the things I wanted. Suddenly I had less money to spend on the things I needed because I was spending money on things I wanted. That had to stop. In December I had to pay personal property taxes; in January it was time to pay renters insurance; this month it is car insurance. That meant I had to cut my want budget.

This has been hard for me, especially since I have lost 65 pounds in the past three months and none of my clothes fit! If you know me, you know I am a clothes hound! I used to be able to go for 3-4 weeks without doing laundry because I had two full closets of clothes. Not so anymore. Now Goodwill and the Clothes Closet have some great plus size clothes for sale 🙂 It is killing me. Sigh! But I am committing myself to this. This is what I need to do to be financially stable.

A friend of mine from church provides daily inspiration via her own blog Holey Heart. She is struggling with a few things in her life as well, but she remains so positive, remembering that God is in control. When I met Christy three years ago on a retreat, I did not know that God was planning to use her in my life. I am blessed to have her as my inspiration. She is an amazing woman. Kudos Christy!