Weight loss and snow

So far I have lost 66 pounds since my surgery in October, averaging 22-23 pounds a month. I am two pounds from Onederland (under 200) and I have hit the lull they told us about in support group. For mean that means I need to increase my daily exercise regimen. My body has started to adjust to the amount of food I eat, so I need to jump start my metabolism again with aerobic exercise.

Two weeks ago, I decided to start taking my students for a short walk after lunch. We do not go far but it gives them (and me) a chance to get up from the desks and away from the computers. We have only missed a couple of days because of rain but it has been energizing. Today I was off work, so I decided I would attempt a walk to my school and back. The total would have been 2.4 miles round trip. What I did not anticipate was that walking in wet snow is equivalent to walking in sand. At about 1/2 a mile, I began to worry that I would not be able to walk all the way back. My hip started hurting just a little, and my snow boots were not designed for walking. I could easily walk to the school, 1.2 miles, but might not make it back. At the bank, I decided to turn around and head back home, estimating that was halfway. (It was)

Even though I did not reach my goal for the day, I am proud of myself for even attempting it. Six months ago, it would not have even been on my radar to try! One day at a time, just like the weight loss, and I will get there. In a few weeks, I will be walking in a 5K in Virginia Beach with my family. I will have better footwear of course, and there will be no snow to slow me down, but I still need to be ready. So let’s get walking!