Internet Ban Reminder


Tuesday May 1st through Friday June 1st

We are asking ALL staff and students to conserve our bandwith of the internet during the peak times of SOL testing.

The ban begins  May 1st and ends on Friday, June 1st. For each school day during this period, there will be a ban on using the internet beginning at 8:30 am. Shannon Lacy (testing coordinator) will send an email to announce when testing is over for each day. At that time, the ban will be lifted.

During the internet ban, the following things are allowed:

– Access to PowerSchool (grades, attendance, etc)
– Access to email
– Access to Pearson websites (for school testing coordinators, technology staff, etc)

– Access to Goochland websites (blog, Moodle, wiki, etc)
– Access to GoogleDocs – This may have to change pending any issues with bandwith
– iChat (Required throughout testing if you are a proctor or test administrator.)
– SEAS (Special Education Automation Software – special education)

– PALS (Phonological Awareness Literacy Testing – elementary schools)

Please remind students that open surfing is not permitted during the SOL window.
Also, the use of personal devices – iPods, iPads, smartphones : accessing the internet on your personal cell phone, or mifi is not permitted.

If you have any questions about the ban or anything testing related, please contact me.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Shannon P. Lacy
Coordinator of Testing
Goochland County Public Schools
804.556.5610 (Office)
804.556.3847 (Fax)