VSTE Board of Directors

Dear Liz,

It is with great pleasure that we congratulate you on your election to the VSTE Board of Directors for the upcoming term! You are one of five newly elected At-Large Board Directors for a term that runs from July, 2012 to June, 2015.

We will now begin communicating with you, providing information pertaining to your role and upcoming events.

Again, we congratulate you on your newly elected position and look forward to your contributions to our exciting efforts. Please take a moment to reply to this email to let us know that you intend to serve as a Director and if you will be able to attend the meeting on June 2. Should you have any questions on your role, please feel free to send them to Karen Richardson, Executive Director, via karen_richardson@vste.org.

VSTE Election Committee, 2012

Laura Briggs
Michael George
James Maxlow