Donations Needed for Dracula

Once again we are asking for donations of props for the fall show. The list below comes directly from the playwright (she is one of our parents!) As usual, if you have anything we can borrow, please let me ( or Mr. Burch ( know. We appreciate your help!

Donation list for Stage Props:

The style for this play is a mixture of traditional Victorian and Steampunk Victorian, which is a grittier and more machine-based version of Victorian, originally based on the ideas of Jules Verne and H.G. Wells; lots of metal, improbable contraptions and weapons, talk of flying machines, clockworks, gears—recent movies such as the Robert Downey Sherlock Holmes, Hugo, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, The Wild Wild West, and many others have used elements of this style.


  • Four poster bed
  • Large overstuffed chair (prefer neutral color)
  • Metal Victorian style hat rack
  • Low Spartan cot for asylum cell
  • Medical cot with back that can be tilted up
  • Victorian style rocking chair
  • Large business style desk
  • Desk Chair (non-rolling)
  • Portable Victorian style fountain or bird bath
  • Large wooden throne-like chair


  • White comforter (perhaps with ruffles)
  • Bed pillows with white covers (perhaps with ruffles)
  • Decorative pillows (pastels)


  • Victorian style hair brush and comb
  • Bird cage (Victorian style)
  • Small animal cage (Victorian style)
  • Various large glass jars
  • Various large pottery crocks with lids
  • Very large old “leather-bound” books
  • Large fan blades (from old fan—at least 3 feet in diameter if possible)
  • Feather duster
  • Strings of fake garlic
  • Old-fashioned doctor’s bag (or something very similar)
  • Rubber knives (2)
  • Large natural color net (to cover a person)
  • Victorian style lamp for ladies room