Social Media Guidelines For Students And Job Seekers – Katie Lepi

Social Media Guidelines For Students And Job Seekers 

Everything you put on social media lives forever. You may delete it. You may hide it. But there are backups of backups made all the time by sites like Google, Facebook, and Twitter (Library of Congress, for example) so you should know that if you put something online … someone will find it. Maybe not immediately. Maybe not for years. But rest assured that when you put something up and then apply to a job later on in life, your potential employer will find it.

Scared yet?

None of this should be new to students who are digital natives and know better than anyone the effects of online actions. But what about when students need some advice in figuring out proper social media usage in general? This useful infographic from Online Degrees is jam-packed with insight and tips on when to (and when not to) use social media.

Social Media Questions Answered

  • What to do when you get a friend request from a superior?
  • Should you friend people or companies you compete with?
  • How do faculty use social media to connect with students?
  • How often do college students check their Facebook?
  • Do most young workers friend their bosses?
  • Should you friend your boss or wait to see if they friend you first?

student's social media guide

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