The Difference Between Using Technology and Technology Integration by Med Kharbach

There is a remarkable difference between using and integrating technology in education. Several teachers who think that they are integrating technology into their curriculum are simply using it because they still haven’t questioned and identified the reasons behind using technology. Integrating technology is different  and as Kip Rogers writes in his wonderful book “Mobile Learning Devices “,

I’ve also experienced schools and classrooms where: True integration of technology happens … where technology is accessible and available for activities as they are initiated. True integration of technology happens when form supports function when the tools support the goals of the curriculum and assist students in reaching their instructional goals.

It is not about technology, it is about what you can do with this technology that matters. To know whether you are integrating technology or simply using it, ask yourself these questions and if you find yourself answering with yes then you should definitely rethink the technology procedure you are employing in your class :

  • Is your technology usage random, arbitrary ?
  • Do you use technology in your classroom sporadically ?
  • Do you use technology to only instruct students on content ?
  • Do you use technology to complete lower order thinking skills ?
  • Is technology you use peripheral to the learning activities you work on with your students ?

Check out this table to learn more about the difference between using technology and technology integration.

I have also learned about TRAK framework from Maggie and I am sharing with you this awesome graphic illustrating it.

The TPACK framework seeks to address integration through a close relationship between three forms of knowledge: content, pedagogy and technology. Authentic technology integration occurs “when there is an understanding and explicit negotiation of the relationships among these three components” and that to be a successful integrator involves a teacher being capable of using all these relationships: this teacher possesses an expertise that is considerably different from and greater than someone with knowledge in just one of them.