Congratulations to John Hendron and Pete Gretz!

Article Published on the G21 Framework

VAASCD 2013 Edition

Dr. Gretz and I collaborated at the start of last summer on an article on the Goochland G21™ Instructional Framework. It was published today in the Virginia ASCD Journal. The focus on the edition was Taking on Challenges in Teaching, Learning, and Leading. Addressing the “softer skills” in an era of accountability with the Virginia SOL definitely is seen be me as “taking on a challenge.” But we can see each year through our G21 Faire submissions – and only through the ones we formally recognize – that our teachers and especially our students are up to the challenge.

It was a great pleasure to collaborate with, and learn from, Dr. Gretz in this endeavor. And it is great to share this edition with many other fine articles. In the end I’m glad we could share something special we have here in Goochland with the other educators from across the Commonwealth. Learn more about VAASCD here.