50 Great Blogs for College Admissions Advice

Getting into college may seem like the most important accomplishment you need to achieve for your future. Luckily, there is plenty of help in the blogosphere to give you a hand. The knowledge on these 50 blogs comes from professionals and students alike and will help you with every aspect of admissions, including applications, financial aid, testing, and even grad school.

Hear from the Counselors and Consultants

These professionals know what they are talking about when it comes to college admissions, so browse through these blogs for a mountain of helpful information.

  1. Omniac Attack!. Find information on admissions to specific schools, tips on general application processes, and college admissions news on this blog.
  2. AdmissionConsultants College Admissions Blog. Learn tips to increase your chances of getting accepted and read news about college admissions from this blog.
  3. College Admissions and Advice Blog. From SAT subject tests to letters of recommendation, this blog covers a variety of aspects relevant to your application process.
  4. College Admissions Counseling Blog. This blog breaks down the college admissions process for you to help you understand the best approach to applying.
  5. CollegeBasics.com Blog. Get information on the college resume, application essays, SAT tips, and much more on this blog.
  6. My College Admissions Blog. Learn about topics such as why fall grades count so much for seniors and how to avoid scholarship scams here.
  7. College Admissions. Written by an admissions counselor, this blog provides news, tips, and information to help your application process go smoothly.
  8. College Planning Blog. Find strategies and information to help you get the results you want from your college application process.
  9. Get Into College Blog. From college essays to application do’s and don’ts, this blog shares plenty of college admission advice.
  10. Great College Advice. This counselor provides information about transcripts, early applications, and even information useful for after you are admitted.
  11. Keys to College. Find professional advice on college admissions here.
  12. Application Boot Camp. Discover tips for applications, strategies for getting noticed on Ivy League applications, testing help, and more with Application Boot Camp’s blog.
  13. Fat Envelope. Because everyone wants the fat envelope when they hear back from the college of their choice, this blog offers great tips and a fun mythbusters section to help you go to the college of your dreams.
  14. myUsearch Blog. A blog from a college matching website, the useful information here includes information on choosing a college, college admissions, selecting a major, and much more.
  15. Campus Compare. Get a wealth of college admissions and application tips and strategies on this blog.
  16. Admitted. Admitted is the official blog of The National Association for College Admission Counseling and offers everything from sound advice on testing to financial aid resources.
  17. AdmissionsAdvice.com. From resources for researching colleges to financial aid application tips to responding to essay prompts, this consultant has plenty of great advice for her readers.
  18. My College Guide’s Blog. This blog provides fun, yet helpful information for planning your college career such as offbeat college scholarships and iPhone apps to help with your college admissions process.

Others Blogging about Admissions

From the New York Times to college students themselves, these bloggers share their knowledge about getting accepted into college.

  1. The Choice. This blog is from the New York Times and provides reliable information on finding a school, the application process, and financial aid.
  2. Allen’s College Admissions Blog. Find admissions stats and more information to help you determine which colleges are the best for your attention.
  3. College Admissions Guide College Search Advice. This blog provides news, resources, and information about finding and applying for college.
  4. College – U. Got It?. This collaborative blog provides information that can affect your transition to college.
  5. Everything College Admissions. From test preparation to admissions information, this blog shares it all.
  6. Tails of College and Career Planning. Whether you are planning to transition to college or are now moving on to a career, you’ll find plenty of help from this dog-themed blog.

Straight from the Schools

Many schools offer an admissions blog with detailed information on their specific school. These schools also offer helpful information for students applying at any college.

  1. Not Your Average Admissions Blog. This blog is sponsored by George Mason University, and while there is definitely some information specific to this school, the overall content of the blog is a great resource for anyone applying for college elsewhere.
  2. Teachers College Admissions Blog. Get information specific to admissions at Teachers College as well as other helpful information about college and admissions.
  3. Rethinking Admissions. Wake Forest provides this informative blog with posts on topics such as reducing application process expenses, wacky college essay topics, and best value for private colleges.
  4. The Uncommon Blog. From the Office of Admissions at the University of Chicago, this blog provides insight from students on college life as well as applying and transitioning to college.
  5. Wharton MBA Admissions Blog. If you are considering an MBA, whether at Wharton or not, this blog provides loads of information you may find helpful.
  6. MIT Admissions. This blog is written by admissions officers as well as students at MIT and cover a range of topics.

Financial Aid and College Admissions

Most students find they will need a little financial help getting to school. These blogs offer suggestions and tips for both financial aid and getting into school.

  1. Sports Scholarship Information & Articles. If you are thinking about going to school on a sports scholarship, then check out this blog that provides information on both college admission information and sports scholarships.
  2. The College Blog. Written by a financial advisor, this blog strives to help students not only get accepted to the college of their choice, but save money also.
  3. Personal Finance: College Planning. These articles from SmartMoney are on topics such as how early applicants can receive more money, information on college majors that can land you a job, and a look at some things college admissions tests don’t do.
  4. College Answer. This blog from student loan giant Sallie Mae provides information on saving money in school, tips for college applications, as well as information on student loans.
  5. Scholarships.com Blog. Learn about law schools paying off student loans, fellowship opportunities, specific scholarship opportunities, and more on this blog.
  6. Financial Aid Blog. CollegeScholarships.org sponsors this blog that provides information on financial aid as well as transitioning to college.

Even More Help Getting into College

These blogs are all about getting into college, but may focus on other topics, such as acing the ACT or getting into a less traditional college.

  1. CollegeSurfing Insider. This blog presents lots of food for thought for students considering career schools rather than traditional colleges.
  2. AdmissionHook College Essay Blog. From admission essays to financial aid essays, get plenty of tips on how to write the best essays to get into college.
  3. elizabeth online. This SAT and ACT preparation professional offers all sorts of advice on her blog.
  4. College Confidential College Admissions. While not technically a blog, the informative articles here appear regularly and provide valuable advice.
  5. Kaplan College Blogs. Popular test prep guru, Kaplan also provides this blog that features additional admissions advice on topics such as extracurricular activities and letters of recommendation.
  6. University Parent Connection. This blog has resources and tips for parents of college-bound students.

Going to Grad School

If your next step is getting into grad school, then check out these blogs.

  1. Accepted Admissions Almanac. Get tons of information about the admission process for both undergrad and grad school on this blog.
  2. Tara’s Graduate School Blog. From thinking points to determine if grad school is right for you to your undergrad transcript, this blog has plenty to help your transition to grad school.
  3. Adam Markus: Graduate Admissions Guru. This blog provides help with the graduate school admission process with an emphasis on business school.
  4. Clear Admit Blog. Specifically for those who want to get an MBA, this blog is all about how you can get admitted.
  5. Happy Schools Blog. This blog is loaded with grad school application process information, including tips and FAQs for international students coming to America for an education.
  6. Eduplan. These consultants offer tips on getting into undergrad, grad school, and transitioning to a career.
  7. Simon School Admissions Blog. This business school’s admissions blog provides valuable information for admissions, b-school work, and more.
  8. Veritas Prep Blog. These GMAT specialists offer a huge amount of information not only on the GMAT, but with business school admissions processes as well. Some of the posts are school-specific.