Top 12 Things Teachers WON’T Miss During Summer by Annie Condron

12. Scrubbing red (or purple) ink off your fingers after 9 months of copious grading.

11.  IEP meetings, staff meetings, parent/teacher meetings, and the like.

10.  The stress, dear God, the stress.

9.   The battle scars of a classroom – dry erase marker stains all over your hands, thigh-level bruises from running into desks, and a chafed nose from more colds than you can count.

8.   Having to eat lunch in exactly 17 minutes.

7. The vacant stare of students who are sleeping with their eyes open while you’re giving it 110% on the most brilliant lesson ever taught.

6. Using a toilet that is only a foot off the ground because the faculty bathrooms are too far from your class.

5. The class clowns and pranksters who are constantly interrupting and distracting the other students.

4. Students’ not-so-creative excuses for not having their homework (i.e. My dog ate my homework, I left it at home, I forgot my book or worst of all, you never told us we had homework).

3. Having to loathe a beautiful spring day because it makes your students act like gremlins who’ve been fed after midnight.

2. Feeling overworked and underpaid.

1. Those crazy kids (Of course, we love them but everyone needs a break!)