What I want in my classroom – Vicki Davis

  • I want my classroom to thoroughly cover my subject.
  • I want every child to learn and be engaged.
  • I want to be engaging, fun, and a force in my classroom that coaches everyone towards excellence.
  • I want to help students learn habits and ways to think about life that will serve them well for the rest of their lives.
  • I want students to be unafraid of technology and just know it cold – particularly how to learn about new technology, the great historical figures and trends in technology, and how to spot trends in technology in the future.
  • I want to help students find their passion in my classroom.
  • I want to have a purpose for every minute the students are in my classroom knowing that sometimes to an outsider viewing a minute or two of what we are doing that I risk being accused of purposelessness. I’m willing to brave the ire and disrespect of a casual observer to be an excellent, deep teacher by providing experiences that immerse students in authentic projects and activities.
  • I will take students anywhere in order to teach a lesson. Outside. Inside. Upside down. I’ll take them to town (and have). If there is a lesson to be taught, we’ll move around and get in a better position to observe and be part of what we’re learning. Sometimes you have to get in a different position to see the world differently.
  • I am passionate about teaching my subject but even when my passion wanes about a specific topic, my passion will never wane about my students.
  • I know that lesson plans go awry and that things happen that mean I need to go in a different direction than I planned. I’ll be adaptable and learn from mistakes and grasp the teachable moment like a cowboy ropes a bull by the horns. The only failure I won’t tolerate in myself and others is that of not learning from failure.
  • I love my students. That love does not depend upon whether they love me back.
  • I will fill every moment with intentional learning.
  • I will know when to back off and let student groups do the work of brainstorming and creativity and interject when kids need help with the process of facilitating brainstorming and creating without interfering too much with their final product.
  • I’ll let kids do things differently than I would.
  • I don’t want kids to be a “mini me” but a super you. They have a purpose different from mine. They have talents different from mine.
  • I’ll look for student talent and encourage kids to bring it in and use it to teach others and me.
  • I’ll admit my mistakes and help the class learn from them. Mistakes are embarrassing but to pretend I’m the only one in the classroom who doesn’t make them is to elevate myself to a pedestal upon which I will readily topple very soon.
  • I’m glad I’m a teacher and will encourage other teachers to remember what excellence looks like.