Virginia students beat ACT national average by even more than last year

Virginia students continue to improve and exceed the national average on the ACT college admissions exam, the Virginia Department of Education reported Wednesday.

Virginia high school seniors scored an average of 22.4 on the test this year. That tops last year’s score of 22.2 and is well above the national average of 20.9.

Virginia students improved and beat the national average in all four categories: English, math, reading and science.

ACT results are reported on a scale of one to 36. Fifteen Virginia students achieved a perfect score.

Although the SAT remains the dominant college admissions test in Virginia, the number of graduating Virginia public school seniors taking the ACT increased by 2 percent to 18,708 this year.

“As more Virginia students take the ACT, its importance — as an external indicator of the effectiveness of policies and standards promoting college readiness — increases,” state Superintendent of Public Instruction Patricia Wright said in a written statement.