New Ideas

One of the new ideas I am attempting this year at PREP is time for projects and mini-lessons on life skills.  For one hour each day, students will be engaged in some type of project.  For example, they will be learning how to keep a checkbook, how to file for financial aid, how to complete a tax return and how to find resources as well as creating some fun and interesting projects, such as name research.

Since the students have had a full week to settle in, we started an activity today. Using the online encyclopedia on the GHS LMC website, the students searched for facts about the 50 states.  This activity showed that the students could use available resources to research facts as well as getting them acquainted with one of the numerous technology resources we have available at GCPS.

Congratulations to ADAM Q. for finding the best and most reliable source within Grolier for today’s assignment!  He gets an extra 10 points on today’s assignment.