Senior Trip this Wednesday

Please, read the instructions for the Senior Trip below.
You need to sign up for a bus of your choice outside my room prior to Wednesday. Those who do not select a bus will be assigned one. You can select to be on one of the following buses (Do NOT email anyone for a bus choice; it will not happen.  Sign up outside Mrs. EYP’s room on your Senior News Bulletin Board, please)
  • Ms. G and Ms. Dewey’s Bus
  • Farkas and Ms. Bratton’s Bus
  • Mr. Wampler and Ms. K’s Bus
Please, meet out front NO later than 8:20 to load your bus. We will leave with or without you. We cannot wait because if we do, it costs us time at G-Force, which has been paid for by all vested parties. We will be back no later than 4th block. If you have early release, you will need to sign out once we return.