Next Question

“Why don’t you do the things you know you should be doing? Life isn’t about figuring out what to do.  The real challenge is (not so) simply doing the things we know we should be doing.”

Most of the time if I am not doing what I know I should be doing, it is because of simple laziness.  For example, I know that I should be reading Scripture and reflecting on it daily.  I have downloaded three different apps to help me, I subscribe to two different mediations emails, and I keep my Bible next to my bed.  None of those “things” have helped me be more committed to Scripture reading.  I have to make the commitment internally, realizing the positive effect it will have on my life.  In a way, it is like any major life change – losing weight, quitting smoking, exercising, eating healthy.  Most of us WANT to do it but lack the willpower to follow through.

“I will start my diet Monday.”

“One more cigarette won’t hurt.”

 “It’s too cold to walk today.”

Whatever the excuse is, we have it.  Sadly I don’t even have an excuse for not reading the Bible daily.  I simply don’t do it.  No number of subscriptions, emails or apps is going to change that.  While they are great resources to assist me in this commitment, they won’t read it for me.  I have to stop not doing things I know I should be doing.