Sometimes, I feel like a black sheep by Noelle Ware

Sometimes, I feel like a black sheep. 

When sheep flock in groups

Fleece white as snow, 

There’s always one that’s different,

One outside the status quo.

It’s the first one you notice

In the crowd of pure white bleach, 

It’s the one the doesn’t fit in.

The extra puzzle piece. 

Not allowed to speak.

Not allowed to be proud. 

If you are confident, feel strong

Or powerful, 

Someone is sure to shut you down. 

It isn’t on purpose

No harm intended

But the system is there,

It’s been long implanted. 

You are meant to bow your head,

Wait to be last in line. 

If you’re proud of your accomplishments, 

You’re told it’s not your time.

But fleece is warm,
no matter the color,

And together the sheep will stay.

Sometimes I feel like a black sheep.

I always liked black fleece anyway.
Posted with writer’s permission
copyright 2014 Noelle Ware