New “don’t say gay” contract for Catholic teachers – Faithful America

Dear Faithful America member,

The new “don’t say gay” teacher contract in Cincinnati Catholic schools could cost educators their jobs if they attend a gay family member’s wedding or share kind words with a bullied student.

The Archdiocese of Cincinnati just distributed a new 2014 teacher contract that not only bans teachers from leading a “homosexual lifestyle” or living with a partner outside of marriage, but prohibits “public support” for any position contradicting official church policies.

This new contract is the culmination of a growing right-wing crackdown in this archdiocese. In recent years, teachers and administrators have been fired for becoming pregnant by artificial insemination or writing personal blog posts supporting marriage equality.

Teachers have until the end of the school year to sign the contract, but local Catholics are already beginning to object. Let’s show the archbishop that there’s a growing national outcry calling for the church to start living up to Pope Francis’s call for a new tone.

Tell Cincinnati archbishop: Abandon “don’t say gay” teacher contract.


— Michael and Aaron