Smooth Sailing at Week 3

Two weeks in already, and everything is smooth sailing at GPrep.  We are currently at 8 students and have added a new “dimension” to the alternative program this year.  Three students are doing split schedules, meaning they are here on Day 1 and at GHS on Day 2.  This allows for the students to take electives not currently offered in Edgenuity as well as participate in some of the new vocational courses being offered at GHS this year.

Two students are preparing to take the GED by working in Virtual Tutor courses in Edgenuity,  Both students did well on GED practice tests and have set goals to take actual GED before the end of semester one.

The new dimension at GPrep this year is Virtual School.  Dr. Lane and GCPS School Board have decided to pilot this program to reach home schooled students in the GCPS District.  While the program is still not yet running at full capacity yet, two students are currently enrolled as part time students, completing 1-2 Edgenuity courses.

Overall, we are looking forward to a successful school year once again at GPrep.