Model General Assembly

Fifteen students recently participated in the Model General Assembly presenting and defending five bills.  All five bills progressed and most were successful.  Matt Austin and Hunter Glaveskas were nominated to attend the Conference on National Affairs based on their bill presentations, debate skills,  and preparation for MGA.  Of the 350 students attending the MGA, only 35 were nominated for this honor and two were from Goochland High.  Congratulations to the following students who participated in the Model General Assembly: Matt Austin, Hannah Lumpkins, Cary Pillow, Hunter Glaveska, Annie Lorenzo, Alex Herrera, Kyan Brightwell, Sarah Carney, Myles McClenney, Emily Hobbs, Corinne Whalen, Johanna Thorkelsdottir, William Glaveskas, Leah Johnson, and Jonathan Thrasher