Book Blurbs

The Silmarillion

by J.R.R. Tolkien

Does the realm of the unknown intruige and enthrall you? If so, in the world of Ea you will loose yourself to the twisted chains of the elf houses and the comming of the Eldar, the fiffteen mighty Ainur, some from the race created by Iluvatar. The comming of elves from the mountains to populate the empty world, the weaving of the Two Trees of Valinor, the coming of men from middle earth to flee the desolate lands Melkor unworked and the raids of orcs upon the lands will keep you entertained. The Silmarillion is a must for any “nerd” as it illustrates the world pre- Lord of the Rings. (Benjamin T.)

The Christopher Killer

by Alane Ferguson

Silverton, Texas is just your average small town, where nothing new is under the sun. Cameryn Mahoney begins a new job with her father in the forensics department. Silverton hasn’t seen a murder in several years and now a killer has arrived in the quiet little town. Cameryn’s books wont prepare her for what is about the turn her life around. Not only has there been a murder but a part of her life that has been kept a secret from her. Sticking her nose in places she shouldn’t, will Cameryn discover the killer and her life or will she become another body on the autopsy table by The Christopher Killer? (Jill K.)

Cursor’s Fury

by Jim Butcher

Cursor’s Fury
is about a young man named Tavi who is a cursor in Aleria. His assignment leads him undercover in the newly formed legion of Aleria in the form of an officer. The new legion wasn’t supposed to see combat in the approaching civil war between Kalarus and the rest of Alaria. However when the lord Kalarus is betrayed by his allies the wolf-like people the Canim. Will Tavi be able to step up to the plate when his commanders are killed and overcome the Canim invasion? (Austin H.)

Full Service

by Will Weaver

My book Full Service is about a shy teenage farm boy named Paul Sutton. He lives on a family farm with his mom and dad. He is a part of a religious group in which they share their belongings and must pass a religious test to become an adult. Over the summer he takes a job at a full service shell station in town “to meet the public,” as his mother said. On top of all that, he has to do all of his farm chores along with keeping up with is bible studies. Through is job he becomes a part of the town and meets many interesting characters. (Holland E.)


by Kristin Cashore

Monsters are everywhere. From the smallest bug, to the raptors in the sky, they all come for her. Fire, a young teenage girl, is the last human monster alive living in a world on the edge of war. She is hunted by countless people in the great cities in northern Dells, to here small village to the south. She is shunned by all life around her. She has few loyal friends like a childhood sweat heart, Archer, a queen, and a man that had once despised her. Through a twist and turn of events, Fire is forced to master her true power and reveal the truth of her past that haunts her even in dreams. (Michael D.)

Winter’s End

by Jean-Claude Mourlevat

Winter’s End is a book about four orphaned children that go to a boarding school controlled by the government. This is no normal government; this government has dark secrets. Bartolomeo and Milena escape the boarding school only later to be followed by Helen and Milos. They set out on an adventure to find out what happened to their parents and to overcome the government that has restrained them for so long. Unfortunately, on the way Milos is captured by the government. Will Milos be freed and will the other three come out alive? (Dallas P.)

Going Bovine

by Libba Bray

In Cameron’s opinion, the best day of his life was when he was five and almost died at Disney World.  Ever since then, he’s had a very hard time fitting in.  His twin sister is the most popular girl in school, gorgeous, smart, and athletic.  Cameron is none of these things.  As much as he tries to fit in, bad things always seem to come his way.  His parents are concerned for his well-being, and his sister is embarrassed to be around him.  With no one to support him, will Cameron survive the pressures of high school? (Carrie B.)

The Rule of the Claw

by John Brindley

Ash and her friends don’t know it yet, but they’re the only human people left on Earth. They’ve grown up alone, without adults, in the safety of their camp. The story opens with the death of Derri, a kid who had ventured outside the compound. Amidst the grief and confusion, the kids abandon their cautious vegetarianism and kill and eat a seabird, despite Ash’s frantic efforts to stop them. That night, Ash is kidnapped by Raptors, a mutated predatory species of the new world outside the camp. Will Ash survive being kidnapped by the Raptors? (Sean M.)

Rapture of the Deep

by L.A. Meyer

After Jacky Faber survived her ordeal as a soldier and spy in France, she is back in England preparing to get married to her sweetheart, Jaimy, and settle down into bliss marriage. However, the ceremony is interrupted rudely by members of the British Intelligence Service, coming to press Jacky into another tour of duty as a spy and secret agent. Her mission is to find the site of a sunken Spanish ship in the Caribbean, and use a newly-invented diving apparatus to recover the treasure it hold, treasure that is dearly needed to fund the war going on against Napoleon. (Jourdan P.)

The Cardturner

by Louis Sachar

The Cardturner is a book about an ordinary boy who is nearly brainwashed by his mother to create a forced bond between him and his blind uncle for the sake of his uncle’s money. So whether it was the years of being convinced his Uncle Trapp is his favorite uncle or whether he simply had no patience left for his summer job at the mall, Alton accepts an invitation from his “favorite uncle” to playbBridge, a popular card game. However, unprecedented events occur everywhere for Alton, resulting in romance, wealth, and more. Will Alton receive his uncle’s money or is will he end up with an unexpected relationship? (James Z.)


by Claudia Gray

A young girl named Bianca, leaves home with her parents to go to school at the old, pristine, eerie, and spooky Evernight Academe. When she arrives she encounters strange students that separate themselves as the Evernight types. Bianca instantly knows she doesn’t fit in with Evernight crowd, but at the same time, she doesn’t fit with the outsiders ether. She meets a young man named Lucas who tries to warn her of the dangers of Evernight. Bianca risks everything to be with Lucas and finds all she knows is a lie. (Bennett C.)

Saint Iggy

By K.L. Going

To Iggy Corso he has the worst life ever. He gets kicked out of school and doesn’t know who to tell. His dad is a drunken and his mom has run off. The only person that Iggy can tell is his friend that is a school dropout. Iggy goes out and tries to make something of his life. He realizes that it’s not so easy when you’re sixteen and have no skills. In the week leading up to Christmas Iggy finds himself traveling all over the city, leading him to the door of a choice that will change his life forever. (Deja T.)

Summer Ball

By Mike Lupica

Danny Walker thought he was the best at basketball, until he started playing on teams that were bigger in size. His dad, Richie Walker an ex pro basketball player, told him to never give up and to try your hardest. Danny was sent to a summer camp to improve on his already amazing skills. Although his size hindered his progress, friends Ty and Will try to help him along. Can Danny over come his size to be a star player at Right-Way basketball camp? Or will he let his size get the best of him and make him the laughing stock at Right-Way? (Pasquale G.)

Lost in a Good Book

by Jasper Fforde

After her heroic triumph in The Erye Affair, Thursday Next now appears in her second novel, Lost in a Good Book. Thursday has now found herself married to the man of her dreams and more popular than ever. After many seemingly impossible coincidences, almost killing Thursday, her father comes and saves her and confesses that the world will be flooded in an unknown pink chemical. Not only that, but now Thursday’s new husband has been uprooted by the Goliath Corporation. Now it is up to Thursday Next to travel into the poem, “The Raven” to save her husband and to keep the world from turning into one huge, pink blob. (Lainey K.)

Must Love Dogs

by Claire Cook

Read about the life of a 40-year-old woman, Sarah Hurlihy, who was recently divorced. Her obnoxiously rude sister, Carol, meddled in with her single life and began to talk her into putting ads in the newspaper. Sarah, unenthusiastic about it, agreed and made Carol come up with all the information. When Carol heard all the responses, she began to beg Sarah to respond and try dating. Finally, giving in, she goes on her first date. Realizing how much she’d enjoyed it, she began giving the other responders a try, but soon figures out how chaotic this becomes. Will she keep dating or go back to it being just herself? (Victoria A.)


by Laurie Halse Anderson

This is a story about a thirteen year girl who faces many difficulties in her life. The hardest one is that she sister and her are slaves. Their previous owner in had promised their freedom before she died. When she died there was no evidence that the young girls were free. As a result her nephew sold the girls to the Locktons inManhattan. While waiting to be sold Isabel considers running away to her freedom, but she was warned by an Irish servant to reconsider. Isabel often thinks she made the wrong choice by heeding her warning. The fate of Isabel and her sister has always been entwined with slavery and the opportunity for freedom.  (Jamell K.)

Leaving Eden

by Anne D. LeClaire

For some, leaving the home they have always known can be the toughest decision and hardest journey of their lives. For Tallie Brock, of Eden, Virginia, the decision is easy, but the journey is harder. Tallie has longed her whole life of venturing to Hollywood, the place where she can finally be someone. She’s dreamt of following in her mother’s footsteps and becoming a star.  Her only ticket out, Glamour Day, is Tallie’s only hope of becoming the girl she yearns to be…beautiful. However, Tallie never imagined that her mother, who has been absent most of her life, has a secret with the power to change her mind.  (Brett A.)

The Fortunes of Indigo Skye

By Deb Caletti

Indigo Skye believed her life couldn’t get any better. She had her dream job as a waitress, the best boyfriend in the world, and a family life full of love. When an overly generous customer leaves her a two and a half million dollar tip, she is certain she will remain the same. Although her father reminds her that money usually changes people for the worst, it doesn’t register until she has lost everything she loves. Can she repair her life as she realizes that the best things can’t be bought? Or will she have to start over from scratch? (Monique M.)


By Laura & Tom McNeal

Audrey Reed has just moved to a new school where she and her two best friends are complete outcasts. When a new boy comes to school, Audrey is overcome by his breathtaking looks and his charming way with words. But just when she thinks her life is absolutely perfect, she realizes that she can trust no one. Through the betrayal, tears, and hardships, somehow she must pull through, but how is that even possible when everything that was once perfect is now gone? This tear-jerker will make you want to curl up by the fire when you need something to make you feel better about your own life. (Jordan F.)

November Blues

By Sharon M. Draper

Follow the life of a pregnant high school teenager. November became pregnant the night before her boyfriend died. Everyone loved Joshua Prescott, but when he jumped out the window as a dare, it changed everyone’s life. His cousin Jericho jumped into action when he heard the news about November. Then, when Josh’s parents wanted to take their son’s baby away from November, she was faced with the difficult decision of either choosing money for her education or raising her child as a single mother. See how she struggles with her, November Blues. (Regina H.)


by Neil Gaiman

Coraline is one of those bone-chilling tales that force imaginations to expand beyond belief. This is definitely not a book to read at midnight. Neil Gaiman uses a child’s perfect wonderland and blends it with the disturbance and ambiguity of  a young child’s worse nightmare. When a young girl named Coraline steps through a small door in her new apartment, she encounters many odd specimens in the Other World. From rats who dance, to writhing chocolate beetles, Coraline finds herself trapped in a “perfect” world. Whoever reads this book will never look at buttons the same way again. (Noelle W.)


by Kenneth Oppel

Follow the life of Matt Cruse as he works as cabin boy aboard the airship, Aurora. On this particular journey he meets Kate De Vries. While in their travels, the Aurora is attacked by pirates and marooned on an island, inhabited by pirates. While the rest of the crew works nonstop to restore the Aurora, unknowing of the danger that lurks on the island, Matt chases Kate around the island in search of creatures that her grandfather claimed to have discovered. All the while, Matt is torn between helping Kate or falling back into his daily routine of serving the wealthy passengers as cabin boy. (Russell G.)

Beware Princess Elizabeth!

by Carolyn Meyer

A delightful tale based on European history, Princess Elizabeth’s only desire is to become the Queen of England. This story accounts her personal struggles during her journey. After her father, Henry VIII dies, her brother first holds the crown, but ignores her and gives the crown to her older half-sister, Mary instead. Mary then keeps Elizabeth from all of civilization because she is said to not be a devout Catholic and to be planning uprisings against the queen. Is there anyone that Elizabeth can trust? Elizabeth must remain optimistic throughout her journey, while upholding her morals. (Kerri A.)

In Mozart’s Shadow

by Carolyn Meyer

This is an enchanting story about the life of Anna “Nannerl” Mozart that details her struggle to further her musical career despite the obstacles set forth as she is overshadowed by her socially fluent, and virtuoso brother, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. More hurdles must also be crossed as she realizes the restrictions on women that may hold her back from achieving her dreams. The book follows Nannerl as she attempts to secure the patrons necessary to become the first female pianist sent to Italy to study music and blossom into the famous musician she so desperately strives to become. (Alex V.)

Last Exit to Normal

by Michael Harmon

This is the story of a young man facing many crises in his life, the worst of which is that his father is gay.  In his rebellion following his parents’ divorce, Ben tries everything from drugs to breaking curfew in Seattle.  His father, along with his partner, Edward, make the decision to head to the farming town in Montana where Edward was raised in the hopes of rehabilitating Ben as well as their family circle.  It is here that Ben learns about life, love, prejudice, and pain as he slowly adjusts to the life of a small-town farm boy. (Miss Kuhns)

Frozen Fire

By Tim Bowler

One dark night Dusty, a sixteen-year old girl, gets a disturbing call from a complete stranger who claims he is dying. At first, Dusty believes the strange boy is her missing brother, Josh, but when she does actually meet him, it is realized there is indeed something strange and haunting about him. He can see what people are thinking and feels everything around him, from chilling ice to white-hot pain. Dusty’s town grows more restless everyday. Lynch mobs pursue the boy, until they turn their attention to Dusty, making it her, and not the boy who is in grave danger. (Sam D.)

A Resurrection of Magic: Skin Hunger

by Kathleen Duey

Skin Hunger follows the stories of two protagonists. One, Hahp, is a young man with paternal-hatred issues from a wealthy family. He is convinced that his father is sending him away to the academy as a way to get rid of him. The other is Sadima whose mother, the victim of a charlatan magician, dies during Sadima’s birth. As an adolescent she discovers a talent for reading animal minds, and leaves her struggling farm family to follow a scholar of magic into the city. The novel alternates between the two narratives, slowly exposing clues as to how they are related. (Whit B.)

The Bog Child

by Siobhan Dowd

The Bog Child is a book about a young Irish man named Fergus who is having trouble understanding what is going on in his life.  When he and his uncle are filching out in the peat fields, Fergus comes upon the body is of a small child,who is referred to as the bog child.  This find only makes his life more complicated and difficult.  During the story, the voice of the bog child comes to Fergus and tells him her story. The Bog Child is a story that shows what people will do in order to have peace, love, and understanding in life. (Trevor H.)

The Monstrumologist

by Rick Yancey

The Monstrumologist is centered on a boy named William Henry, and the scientist he serves as an assistant to, who is named Pellinore Warthrope. Warthrope is a monstrumologist, a scientist who specializes in the study and hunting of monsters thought to be mythical or legendary.

Over the course of the book, Will and Warthrope investigate a series of murders they believe were caused by a strange, mythical species of monsters that are bipedal and vaguely resemble humans. After learning that the monsters live near their home, they track them down and destroy their colony, thus neutralizing the monster threat. (Charles L.)

Driving Force

by Dick Francis

Driving Force, by Dick Francis, is a murder mystery that’s filled with twists in the plot that keep you guessing until the story’s end. Freddie Croft, the protagonist of the book, owns a very profitable Horse Transport company in England; as a former racing jockey, he is still trying to get used to the slower pace of the transport business even after three years. Freddie is very strict with few things, but what he is strict with are usually very important issues. When one of Freddie’s few rules in the business is broken, a spiral of mystery within the business ensues while Freddie tries to solve the mystery has uncovered. (Abbigail D.)

The Year of the Hangman

by Gary Blackwood

The Year of the Hangman has to do with the Revolutionary War. Creighton, a 15-year-old boy lives in England with his mom. She can’t handle him so she sends him over to America with his uncle. His uncle is British as well, and trying to defeat the Americans. On their way to Florida, Americans capture them and Creighton pretends to be a servant. He begins to work with Benjamin Franklin so he can stay with him. At first he is spying for his uncle who got locked up so he can find stuff out from the Americans, but then he turns to the Americans side. (Morgan H.)

Cuba Libre

by Elmore Leonard

The main character is a man named Ben Tyler. The story takes place during the beginning of the Spanish-American War. Tyler’s profession is a “horse breaker”, and he receives a job to bring thirty horses to a wealthy planter in Cuba. Tyler is smart and realizes that the planter won’t make money off the horses. The thing that makes the planter money are the hidden guns on the ship. After landing in Cuba, Tyler falls in love with the planter’s girlfriend, gets in trouble for killing a Spanish officer, and is thrown in the midst of the revolution. All while a member of the Guardia civil hunts him. (Austin B.)

Sisters of the Sword

by Maya Snow

The book Sisters of the Sword by Maya Snow is a story about Kimi, a young Japanese girl who wants to be a samurai. She and her sister are daughters the Jito, leader of the province. Kimi has hopes of being a samurai, but sadly girl weren’t allowed. On a trip back from around the province, Kimi’s uncle betrays her family by killing her father to steal his power as Jito. Kimi and her sister Hana have to disguise themselves as boys to train with the best martial arts master in the land and regain honor to their family name. (Nick Y.)

In Country: A Novel

by Bobbie Ann Mason

In Country: A Novel by Bobbie Ann Mason is about a girl name Sam Hughes. Sam, who has just graduated high school, never got to meet her father. He died in the Vietnam war before she was born. Her mom is gone and remarried and she lives with her uncle, Emmett. Emmett is a veteran of the war. As she starts to read and hear more about wars on the television, she quickly becomes interested in learning more about the Vietnam war. She, Emmett, and her grandmother go on a journey to discover the truth. (Sarah S.)

A Brief History of Montmaray

by Michele Cooper Knopf

In the book A Brief History of Montmaray, Sophie FitzOsborne is a teen girl who lives on a small island named Montmaray halfway between France and Spain. The island is composed of decaying castles. Sophie makes it her goal to document all of her life on the island in her journal. She starts the journal on October 23, 1936, which also marks her sixteenth birthday. In Sophie’s journal, she describes the castle and the crazy king who throws various objects about his bedroom. She also mentions the illnesses, weather conditions, and the scary Germans who visit the island in search of artifacts. (Mahaley W.)

The Bloodings

by Patricia Windsor

In the novel The Bloodings by Patricia Windsor, Maris wants nothing more than to prove her mom wrong about her being After finding a job helping out a family friend take care of her children, she leaves her home and travels to England. Little did she know, they was not you’re average family. Not only were they just in the town, but as Maris started to get more comfortable in the home, she found strange things there also.She also noticed that Barb’s husband (the women she’s helping out)was acting strange too. Does the family have anything to do with it? (Jalisa C.)


by Kristin Cashore

Graceling is the story of adventure of Katsa to find her true grace, a special gift given to few.  It begins by describing Katsa’s life and her emotions of lack of.  The story deepens as Katsa stumbles upon the grand scheme of one of the nations and her true love, Prince Greenling of Lienid or Po.  With Po’s help, Katsa is able to restore order to the land and learns her biggest fear is herself.  She discovers that she can control her grace and face the things she is fearful of.  Po teaches her all this as well as helping her understand that love is not surrender but sharing control. (Amberly M.)

Ender’s Game

By Orson Scott Card

Ender’s Game is a book about a six year old genius named Andrew “Ender” Wiggm who is chosen based on screening tests by the military to be sent to a battle school to train to become a soldier to help defend earth from the Buggers, an alien race who have nearly destroyed the Earth twice before. There he quickly climbs to the top, despite personal problems and conflicts with other kids. He is taught by Mazer Rackham, the hero of the last war, to become commander of the Earth and defend it in case of another attack. Will Ender be able to save the world or not? (Tyler S.)

Song Of The Sparrow

by Lisa Ann Sandel

The book Song Of The Sparrow by Lisa Ann Sandell is about a young girl named Elaine who is living in the time period of King Arthur.  She lives with her two brothers and her father in a military camp.  She is the only girl for a while, but even when a new young girl comes, it doesn’t make things any easier.  She is still in charge of taking care of the men.  They are like her brothers.  This book shows one young girl trying to grow up with all men, one  mean child, and no mother figure. (Amanda C.)


by Kate Cann

In Possessed, Rayne feels trapped in the noisy town of London. She leaves London to find quiet and work at a country estate named Morton’s Keep. The estate is crawling with history. Old stories and traditions say the walls ran with blood. Many murders and disasters took place there. A man named Simon Lingwall tried to create hell on earth hundreds of years ago. He would abduct girls and torture them, practically kill them, and then save them so they could go through the pain again.  Rayne learns that the new guy she is dating comes from the Lingwall line and wishes to do the same.  Then everything falls apart. (Nicole D.)

The Rock and the River

by Kekla Magoon

The Rock and the River by Kekla Magoon tells a story of a young thirteen-year-old boy named Sam. This story dates back to segregation in 1968 in Chicago, Illinois. Sam is the son of a civil rights activist named Roland Childs. During this remarkable time, Sam is faced with a loss. He doesn’t know who to believe–his brother or his father. His brother is part of the Black Panthers, and his father believes in peaceful protest. Sam then becomes the Rock in the River. (Jessica A.)

A Great and Terrible Beauty

by Libba Bray

A Great and Terrible Beauty takes place in 1895, and centers on Gemma Doyle. She wants to leave India for England. After her mother kills herself to save Gemma from Circe; she is sent to the Spence Academy in England. Gemma has visions of the future and at Spence she and her friends realize that they can visit the realms, a dream world. Gemma is the one who can truly tap into the power of the realms. Circe tries to make Gemma give the power to her. Gemma outsmarts Circe and the power is kept safe from evil. (Lisa H.)

The Historian

by Elizabeth Kostova

Based on the stories told to her during her childhood, The Historian is a unique book told in the view point of the author. This book is purely fictional, however, bringing back an ancient evil thought to have died long ago. Simple letters to an “Unfortunate successor” seem to tell of a man so malicious and blood thirsty that even his own citizens feared him more than the invading Ottoman Empire. These letters tell of a Vlad the Impaler, also known in Bram Stoker’s fictitious novel, Dracula. This Vlad the Impaler, however, is real. And he might continue to walk among the pre-World War II citizens of Europe. (Jordon H.)


by Kristin Cashore

The Dells is a place that is filled with beautiful monsters.  Though they may look pretty, they are flesh eaters and want nothing more than to eat you.  However, there is one special monster in the Dells, and her name is Fire.  Born as a half-blood of human and monster, she is the most valuable thing in this time of war. With her ability to control people’s minds and her stunning beauty, one could find her very persuasive.  With her companion Archer, they must help the king devise a way to win this war and save the kingdom. (Adam F.)

Ender’s Shadow

by Orson Scott Card

Ender’s Shadow is about a boy named Julian Delphiki, also called Bean, who is recruited by the International Military Fleet (IMF) in the year 2034. He is sent to the space station Battle School to be trained as a commander to fight the alien creatures from another solar system known as the Formics. While at Battle School, Bean measures the soldier quality of the other students while distancing himself from them. He stops a serial killer and with the help of Andrew ‘Ender’ Wiggins, is able to successfully destroy the Formic home world. (Bobby C.)

We Were Here

by Matt de La Pena

The book We Were Here, by Matt De La Pena is a story of finding out who you really are, and where you belong in life. Miguel, Rondell, and Mong live in a group home for troubled kids, because of their bad pasts of causing trouble. The three decide to sneak out one night and set out to Mexico to find a better life. As they travel they work through the hardships of mental insanity, having no food or money, and finding a place to live. Learning despite the obstacles, you must make your own future better. (Ashley W.)

Once a Witch

by Carolyn MacCullough

This novel takes a young girl for the ride of her life. Tamsin Greene comes from a long line of witches, and on the day she was born, her grandmother said she would be the one of the most talented of them. Unfortunately, she still had not received her magic even seventeen years later. She gets the chance to prove herself worthy when a strange man approaches her and needs her help. In then end, she finds herself and her magic in a way that she never imagined possible. Everything ended up being worth the wait. (Catherine M.)

A Swift Pure Cry

by Siobhan Dowd

Living in Coolbar has been difficult for Shell since her mother’s death. She’s been left to take care of her family, as well as continuing a regular life at school. As she spends more time with her rebellious friends Birdie and Declan, a new priest arrives: Father Rose. As Shell gravitates towards her faith, Declan begins taking advantage of her, and Birdie. She ends up pregnant, and alone, as Declan flees to America. Townspeople begin to suspect Father Rose’s involvement when an abandoned baby is found dead. Plenty of strength, and courage is needed by Shell, as she faces her life’s situations throughout this heart-wrenching novel by Siobhan Dowd. (Kelsey S.)

London Calling

by Edward Bloor

Martin Conway is an average seventh grader living in the shadow of his sister’s achievements.  His parents’ marriage is falling apart, and his father is a drunk.  This causes his grades to fall.  Whenever he needs someone to talk to, he goes to his best friend–his grandfather.  Martin’s grandmother dies suddenly and leaves him and antique radio, which gives him the ability to travel through time,  The radio takes him back to London during Word War II.  Through the ghostly radio waves, Martin makes a new friend, Jimmy Harker.  Together they travel through London in an attempt to change history.  (Thomas M.)


by Patricia McCormick

In this novel is a young girl named Lakshmi.  She is 13 years old when her stepfather tells her she has to go to work to support the family.  While Lakshmi thinks she is going to work as a maid for a rich family, she soon finds out this is not her fate.  She has to go to work at a brothel with other young girls.  The woman who runs the place is mean and heartless.  Will Lakshmi survive and keep her hope alive? (Ivy S.)

The Andromeda Strain

by Michael Crichton

A deadly strain of bacteria comes to Earth on a satellite from space and it begins its path of destruction immediately after it lands. When an entire town is wiped out, scientists are called in to retrieve and study the bacteria. Once they finally isolated the bacteria in an underground laboratory, they began studying it to figure out how to fight against it. They also found two survivors of the outbreak, who puzzle the scientists as to why they survived. Throughout these events in the book, the scientists are racing against the clock to stop this bacterium before it destroys the human population. (Brian L.)


by Laurie Halse Anderson

The book Twisted is about a boy named Tyler Miller who is in high school at George Washington High. He is a senior, and his life sucks more than it is good. He has mediocre grades, his looks aren’t that great, and he is from a family that doesn’t really get along too well. Tyler messes up and gets in big trouble for spray painting on school grounds and ends up having to pay for the vandalism .Tyler is hit with the slap of reality every boy gets in life. He is hit with the question “What does it take to be a man?” (Chase N.)

Rebel Angels

by Libba Bray

It is 1897, and Gemma Doyle feels the magic of the Realms, a magical dreamland, calling her. In her last visit, she destroyed the ruins to destroy Circa’s assassin. Circa is the traitor of the Order, an organization made to keep the magic of the Realms from entering the present, that has a desire to control and spread the magic into the Winterlands, an evil realm, and spread it into the present world in order to rule. With the Ruins gone to bind the Magic, it’s up to Gemma to bind the magic again to save the real world. (Riley A.)


by Maggie Stiefvater

The main character, Grace, was attacked by wolves, but she was rescued by her wolf. She looked forward to every winter when she would get to see her wolf. When she was older, a boy from her school was supposedly killed by the wolves, condemning the pack to death. Grace’s wolf was shot and turned into a human,Sam;  the “wolves” were werewolves. He and Grace entered their odd relationship, mixed with love, fear, and trust. He tried to keep from returning to wolf form, knowing he would never be human again if he changed. (Heather A.)

Ten Mile River

by Paul Griffin

Ten Mile River is about two teenage boys named Ray and Jose.  They have no families, except for each other and they live in an abandoned building where they fend for themselves by stealing.  Through a series of mishaps that send them both away from their home, they both grow up and learn that they cannot continue to live as they did.  This is a story about learning and changing into the person you are going to be, about living by changing your circumstances instead of dealing with them. (Laura M. – IS)


by Kevin Brooks

The story begins in a hospital.  Robert Smith is a foster child, who never truly had a real family.  During a procedure on him the doctors notice something odd about him… His insides are filled with microchip-like parts.  They start to operate on him to figure out the oddities of the kid, when he wakes up and escapes the hospital.  He then forces one of the doctors into his scheme, holds a woman hostage, and many people die at his expense.  Many people are after this non-human kid and he is forced into hiding… but, the question remains, what is he? (Laura M. – IS)

The Sweet Far Thing

by Libba Bray

Two others, A Great and Terrible Beauty and Rebel Angels, precede this book.  In this third book, we once again join the main character, Gemma Doyle, on her quest to save and unite the magical world called the Realms.  Meanwhile, back in our world, she is trying to use the magic of the Realms to change her friends’ fates, and keep the evil of  the Realms from descending on the real world and wreaking their havoc. (Laura M. – IS)

Saint Iggy

by K. L. Going

A teenage boy named Iggy just got thrown out of school.  There is a hearing to decide if he will be expelled or not in a week, and he has no one to sympathize for him.  His father lives in a continual state of drunkenness and his mother has disappeared in search of more drugs to satisfy her addiction.  He seeks refuge at his friend, Mo’s, house.  Where they get caught up in a drug deal, with no money to pay the dealer.  Mo doesn’t realize what he has gotten himself into and Iggy is trying desperately to get Mo out of it.  But, this story doesn’t end well for Iggy. (Laura M. – IS)


by Paul Volponi

The book centers around an African American high school boy named Noah, who, on the day that he and his friends decide they are going to go into the rich neighborhood and steal a car, gets caught up in a horrible hate crime.  A white boy attacks Noah with a bat, and the violent action tears the school and the community apart.  The story gets blown out of proportion and it becomes about much more than just an attack with a baseball bat, it now challenges the views of a whole town, and their view of right and wrong will be decided on this one verdict. Guilty or Innocent? (Laura M. – IS)

Why Him? Why Her?

by Helen Fisher

This is a book on people’s personalities and why we choose those with whom we associate.  It gives you information on what type of person you are, after you take a personality quiz locaated in the front of the book, and matches you to one of four broad personality areas.  The author then goes on to explain what traits are a part of each personality ranking and tells you who you best associate with and why.  This is a statistically proven book, with lots of information backing up that her system works. (Laura M. – IS)


by Neil Gaiman

In honor of the new Tim Burton movie, I read Coraline. It is a very interesting, yet slightly disturbing book, about a young girl who enters a parallel world to her own.  She is led to believe in the similarites of this place to her home and encouraged to stay with her “other” family.  After a series of bizarre happenings in this world, she manages to escape that world and come home. (Laura M. – IS)

An Abundance of Katherines

by John Green

Similarly to the other books I read by this author (Looking for Alaska and Paper Towns), this novel continues with the witty and pathetic, deep and hilarious style in which John Green writes.  This book begins with a guy who gets dumped by nineteen girls, all of whom are named Katherine.  It tells of a month or so of his life after this break up, during which time he tries to figure out how he possibly got dumped by nineteen girls and why all of them were named Katherine.  It, in the style of his other books, is highly intriguing and will keep the reader laughing and sympathizing with this pathetically hopeless guy through all of the directions that his journey, post-Katherine XIX, takes him. (Laura M. – IS)


by Ellen Hopkins

This is an inspiring, yet sad novel; in which the main character goes through many difficulties and trials in the span of about half a year.  In the beginning of the book, you learn that the girl’s father abuses her mother.  The girl tries to act out against it, but no one tries to help, even though everyone knows what is happening.  The father gets mad at her and sends her away to live with her aunt, here she finds love and an escape. But, will it last? (Laura M. – IS)

Paper Towns

by John Green

The book Paper Towns is about a boy and his search for his friend through many obstacles.  He believes that she leaves him clues to her whereabouts, and through a series of twists and turns, he finally finds her.  But, once he finds her, he realizes that she may not want to be found, and that maybe all she wanted was to disappear.  The book has strong imagery and the idea of Paper Towns explains how shallow and materialistic life has become, in a world where no one really lives and we are just paper people, living in paper houses, with paper needs. (Laura M. – IS)


by Mal Peet

The book Tamar takes place in both the present day and during World War 2.  It centers around the characters of William Hyde, an SOE officer with the code name Tamar and the fake id of Christiaan Boogart, and another man under the fake name of Ernst Lubbers, whose code name is Dart.  The book centers around their time during the war in Holland and the danger and betrayal that they go through.  On the flipside of that, in the present day, a young girl named Tamar, whose grandfather just commited suicide, finds secrets to his past that he has left for her, and she unravels the secrets of his life and who her grandfather really was. (Laura M. – IS)

The Host

by Stephanie Meyer

The widely popular new author of the Twilight series recently wrote her newest novel titled The Host.  Keeping with the style of her original series, this novel was written on the basis of the paranormal.  The main character lives in a world that is being overtaken by “parasites,” an alien race that inserts itself into the body and takes over.  One by one, the entire human race succumbs to the aliens; only small pockets of human resistance remain in hiding from these creatures.  The main character is part of the resistance and when she is captured, the alien named Wanderer is inserted into the human host.  The rest of the humans “disappeared” and let the aliens take over this human who refuses to surrender her body and mind to the parasite.  The internal battle between human and alien begins, and a lifetime of learned hatred to these creatures begins to dissipate as each side learns about the other. (Laura M. – IS)


by Laurie Halse Anderson

The novel Catalyst is written by the same author as  the widely known novel, Speak Catalyst is a similar book to that of Speak in that its main conflict involves a girl at Merryweather High, the same school from Speak.  The novel gives insight to another life in the same school and brings to light more problems of girls, maybe not exactly like us, but more similar than some novels written today.  The main character is a girl named Kate Malone, and throughout the course of the novel, the plot outlines Kate’s life from wishing to be accepted to MIT to having to have her sort of “worst enemy” in the school living in her own house.  The novel is about Kate learning to accept life as it is and to see life from a different perspective.  If you were one of the people who liked reading Speak, then you will love Catalyst. (Laura M. – IS)

Prisoner of Time

by Caroline B. Cooney

The book Prisoner of Time is a novel of time travel and the consequences when the past and the present collide.  It is a “chick” novel set in both the present day and in the mid to late 1890s.  It is the third of the Time Travelers series including the novels Both Sides of Time and Out of Time.  In general, this book was not created to quench the need for horror and action that men feed off of in their search for great literature.  It is, instead, more of a fantasy novel of love through time that generally appeals to women.  So for this “blurb,” I write for a female author and a feminine book.   (Laura M. – IS)

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