Most Amazing Words

The most amazing words I can ever hear?

“I remembered what you showed me last week when I wrote my essay today.”

Especially when those words come from a student who last week said she didn’t know how to write an essay.

Advocate For Education By Sharing Your Story

Advocate For Education By Sharing Your Story

We have an unprecedented opportunity to increase the amount of broadband funding for schools across the country. You know firsthand how important robust and reliable broadband is for learning and teaching. It’s time to tell your story, and ISTE has made it easy for you to do so by September 23, 2014.

This past year ISTE members have successfully informed the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) about the importance of school broadband and in particular the E-Rate program that helps schools pay for this important priority. The FCC has heard our voices and is requesting public comments about the possibility of increasing funding for school broadband.

With real dollars on the line, we need you to weigh in one more time by September 23. ISTE’s story template will guide you through the key items to share with the FCC about how broadband connectivity is facilitating learning and teaching in your classroom, school or district, and the connectivity challenges you face. After you submit your story, ISTE will share it with the FCC in the official record.

Please take just a few minutes to make your voice heard by September 23, and share this alert with your colleagues, parents and students.

A Poem by my niece, Maggie

We make friendships, and we break them.
We lose sight of the path ahead, and we stumble upon new trails that lead us in incredibly directions.
We quake in fear of the unknown, yet we drop from the ledge of safety as easily as we jump out of bed in the morning.
We add and we subtract, win and lose, capture and set free.
Life is a maze of endless possibilities, all lying in comfortable wait for us to open their doors.

All rights reserved Image Maggie Boccella